Welcome to Ƶ Catholic College

Ƶ is a place of opportunity for all students. We endeavour to cater to students from all backgrounds and abilities and offer a comprehensive curriculum. We see the term ‘curriculum’ encompassing all aspects of development - academic, sporting, artistic, social and spiritual. Our extensive programs, both inside and outside the classroom, reflect this belief as does our reputation in the broader community as one of Perth’s most caring and inclusive schools.

When you entrust the education of your child to us, we take this as a great responsibility. We work with you, the parent, to equip your young person with the skills necessary to succeed in life. 

Our College boasts the highest level of value-adding amongst WA schools when comparing the progress students make from Year 7 to Year 9 using the NAPLAN results. This growth in student learning can be attributed to our dedicated staff who go above and beyond to engage students in their education.

In our senior years, we offer multiple pathways which articulate to University, TAFE and the workplace. There is excellent flexibility between these pathways and, regardless of the pathway a student selects, guidance and support to achieve personal success is the cornerstone of education at Ƶ.

In addition to the variety of courses at the College, Ƶ is also a part of an excellent online learning network for Years 11 and 12, allowing senior students to study ATAR courses of interest that may not be available at the College.

We have fine young people at the College and we are confident that your young person will thrive in our community.

I warmly invite you to join me for a tour of the College  to experience for yourself, our vibrant and happy community.

Mr Declan Tanham