Upper School Handbooks

The Upper School Studies Handbook provides information regarding the courses on offer at Ƶ Catholic College for Year 11 next year. It outlines the courses available on an ATAR and General pathway and those that are on offer as part of our Vocational Education and Training programs.

Assisting your child in planning their future is a challenging task. The courses offered by Ƶ Catholic College facilitates students with opportunities to choose their pathway based upon their interests and ability. These courses provide excellent grounding for your child’s future endeavours whether that be University, further studies at a State Training Provider or the workplace.
In planning their future it is essential that they utilise the information and resources that are available to them so that they are making fully informed decisions regarding their course selections. Students are advised to:
  • Read the handbook carefully, looking at all of the courses and options available;
  • Talk with their parents;
  • Seek advice from their course teachers, Heads of Learning Area, VET Coordinator and the Pathways Coordinator;
  • Research further study options such as university and State Training Provider websites and investigate apprenticeships and traineeships and the world of work.
It is hoped that the careful, well-planned selection of courses will mean that students enjoy and benefit from studying at a Senior Secondary level.

By selecting the right course combinations, meeting the requirements regarding Literacy and Numeracy competency and achieving the required standard in courses throughout Year 11 and Year 12 students will meet the requirements to obtain a Western Australia Certificate of Education (WACE).

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  • qxif-file-pdfƵ_Upper_School_Handbook_2023-2024 (for current 2024 Yr 12s)
  • qxif-file-pdfƵ_Upper_School_Handbook_2024-2025 (for current 2024 Yr 11s)
  • qxif-file-pdfƵ_Upper_School_Handbook_2025-2026 (for current 2024 Yr 10s)
  • qxif-file-pdfViSN_Online_Learning_Handbook_for_2025_Study