Scholarships & Bursaries

Ƶ Catholic College awards full and partial scholarships to deserving students in the fields of Academic, Sport (Netball & Rugby) and Music.  Scholarships are also awarded to students who demonstrate excellent leadership skills and a high aptitude and interst in Science and Mathematics.

In awarding scholarships, Ƶ commits itself to assist our scholarship students in attaining standards of excellence in their academic, sporting or artistic endeavours.

The College also has a Bursary Educational Encouragement Program (BEEP) to help further young Aboriginal people's career opportunities. Information on BEEP is available on this page, after the general scholarship information.

Please note that applications must be submitted WITH the relevant forms completed and requested items attached by 4pm on the closing date for applications to be considered. Applications without requested items and/or submitted after closing date will not be eligible for consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ƶ Scholarships

  • Expectations of Ƶ Scholarship Students

    The College expects scholarship students to pursue excellence not only in the area where the scholarship has been awarded, but to develop all their other abilities and talents in keeping with the tradition of Catholic education. In particular, we expect scholarship students to:

    - show leadership within the College community at all times
    - achieve academically to the best of their ability
    - model appropriate manners and courtesy to staff and students
    - participate in all College activities related to their scholarship
    - demonstrate appropriate sportsmanship at all times
    - act as ambassadors for Ƶ when visiting other schools or meeting with visitors to the College
    - be role models for their peers

Academic, Leadership & Music Scholarships

  • Academic Scholarships for students entering Year 7

    The College Advisory Council offers the equivalent of two (2) Academic Scholarships to students entering Year 7 who are of high academic ability and have excellent behaviour and attendance records.

    Applicants must be enrolled or in the process of enrolling to be considered for a scholarship. Click here for the Enrolment Form



    Academic Examination Date: 3:30pm, Wednesday 22 May 2024

  • Specialist Music Program Scholarships
  • Catherine McAuley Scholarship For IEC & Years 7 - 10 students
  • Brother Kelly STEM Scholarship for Students Entering Year 11

Specialist Netball & Rugby Program Scholarships - Open to all year levels

Athletes, particularly at Year 7, 8 & 9 levels, are viewed with their potential for development in mind. Therefore, limited playing experience should not prohibit potential netball or rugby players from applying for a scholarship. Please note that students do not have to receive a scholarship to be included in the Netball or Rugby Program.

In awarding sports scholarships to students, Ƶ commits itself to assisting those students in gaining standards of excellence in their academic work as well. The kind of assistance available includes help for them;

- to prepare study or time management plans 

- to assess progress in their more challenging subjects 

Bursary Education Encouragement Program (BEEP) for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Students

The College is offering Bursary Educational Encouragement Program (BEEP) because of its clearly articulated commitment to working with Aboriginal people and to provide assistance to help further the career opportunities for young Aboriginal people.

The Bursary Educational Encouragement Program at Ƶ is funded by the College. The College, therefore, makes a very real and very significant contribution to assisting Aboriginal families with the education of their children.

A review is conducted every semester for each recipient. The value of the bursary is dependent upon the student’s family financial circumstances. All students in the program must apply for Abstudy.

We encourage you to contact our Aboriginal Students Coordinator by email at Ƶ.AES@aranmore.wa.edu.au or phone the College on 08 9201 5200 before commencing the application process. For further information on the Aboriginal Students Program, please call 08 9201 5200.

Please note that there may be waiting lists, therefore families are encouraged to apply early.