For 20 years, Ƶ’s Specialised Netball Program has continued to set a high standard for athletes hoping to excel in Netball. The program's underlying philosophy is the promotion of Netball and maintaining young women’s participation in the sport at various levels, including participation as coaches, umpires and managers.

Netball WA Endorsement

Ƶ’s Specialised Netball Program is endorsed by Netball WA and the program staff maintain regular contact with Netball WA officials. Ƶ Netball staff are involved with Netball WA programs and maintain strong links with the wider Netball community. Our program was the first to be endorsed by Netball WA and still remains the only endorsed Catholic College Netball program.

The Netball Program Structure

Netball (Sports Science) is currently offered as an elective subject that can be studied in Years 7, 8, 9, 10, and as Physical Education Studies – Netball in Year 11 and Year 12. Netball is offered as a year long elective and progresses from two sessions (Year 7 and 8) to three sessions (Year 9 and 10) each week. The upper school subject can be studied as an  ATAR unit, offering students the opportunity to utilise the subject as a university entrance course, or a Double Certificate unit,.

In terms of player development, our program is designed with skill progression in mind. Specific physical and mental skills, plus knowledge of the method and tactics of the game are incorporated in a progressive manner so athletes can move from the basics of Netball to some quite advanced playing skills and game strategies by the completion of the program in Year 12.

Whilst the Specialised Netball Program is designed to develop the skills and knowledge of players, a major priority is to encourage the participation of female students in sport, both at the College and local community level. A secondary aim is to encourage female students to develop and maintain active and healthy lifestyles. Hence, players of all levels are encouraged to join the Program. (Please note: Students do not have to be receiving a Scholarship to be included in the Netball Program).

Extra-curricular Netball

Students are encouraged to participate in a number of extra-curricular Netball activities, including playing in tournaments organised by School Sport WA – the High Schools’ Cup Competition, Saturday Netball competitions (affiliated with WA Netball), interschool tournaments and relevant Development Clinics offered by local Netball Associations.

Touring Teams

The College offers senior students the opportunity to play in College touring teams that compete interstate. Tournaments are held during the months of either June or July each year and Ƶ has successfully competed in these tournaments since 1996. The Senior Touring Team is open to students in Years 10 to 12.

A Junior Tour takes place in the South West of Western Australia and is designed to provide Years 7, 8 and 9 athletes with the opportunity to practise the skills being developed in the program in a supportive, competitive, tournament style environment.

Our Netballers as Coaches & Umpires

A portion of time is allocated in the Netball Program at each year level, to develop our students’ coaching and umpiring skills. At the completion of Year 12, students will have had the opportunity to graduate with All Australian Netball recognised coaching and umpiring qualifications. During the Program, students will also have developed skills in the areas of First Aid, Injury Prevention and Management, Sports Nutrition and Mental Skills Training (Sports Psychology).

Netball Scholarships

Ƶ Catholic College awards full and partial scholarships to deserving students in the fields of Academic, Sport (Netball and Rugby) and Music.  Please see the Scholarships & Bursaries page.